You know the best thing about finally finding something to write about for your writing sample? Going to apply and the job site not even give you the option to upload it so then you go to the website of the company and the job isn’t posted on their site at all -.-

All of that happened yesterday and I forgot to write yesterday. Sorry. To be fair I did warn you that this would happen. Usually it happens because I cant think of anything to write but yesterday’s was because I was working on The Project that Phoebe and I are doing and basically just forgot. I’m only human and it’s going to happen again. Just go ahead and prepare yourselves for it.

I really cant think of anything crazy to write about. Today has been a good day. I mean work kinda sucked because its just the same thing over and over but at least today I wasn’t interrupted every 5 minutes so I was actually able to get something done. And then I came home and watched way too many YouTube videos and just took my dog for a walk. I live a very wild life here in Vegas.

I’m still searching for a job with a non profit or charity and am making absolutely no headway but that’s pretty much becoming normal. I did find one last night and applied and was all excited but then looked deeper into the website and I’m pretty sure it’s the opposite of what I want to do so… that’s fun…

I’m not giving up though. At times I really want to and at times in the past I have. But not this time. This time I’m just going to keep trying. I’m going to keep applying until every company with a charity foundation or nonprofit will know me. And if I have to I will go back to full time at the job that I hate and keep working on The Project until it takes root and sprouts. This is a dream that I’m not going to let die. This dream is coming true even if it drives me insane. I deserve this.

That’s hard for me to say actually, I deserve this. It’s weird. I’ve never thought like that. I’ve never really felt like I deserved something positive. I’ve never really felt like I was enough but this time I am. Because this time I am doing something that’s bigger than me and something that I truly love. And I deserve to be happy and I deserve my dreams.

I deserve my dreams.



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