See I told you this daily thing wouldn’t happen. I’m just too much of a slacker, not to mention at times I just cant think of anything to write. But some days I can think of things.

So this past weekend my sister and I did a volunteer shift for The Project at a pretty awesome place. I got to work with horses again which hasn’t happened in a while and I didn’t realize just how much I missed it. I’m thinking about volunteering there regularly if I can.

Other than that not a lot has been going on. I’m spending today working on things for The Project. I think that Phoebe and I are finally getting the hang of it. We still have a few kinks to work out but I think that all in all it’s going to turn out to be a fun thing. I really hope that it turns out the way that we hope. It’s just so fulfilling to do something for others and to help improve our world what little we can. I feel that that’s more important now then ever. Lord knows this country is going downhill fast currently. But hopefully we can counter act it in small and caring ways.

I’ve been hanging out with The Girl quite a bit lately. We kissed for the first time last night, I hope that she enjoyed it as much as I did. Not going to lie I was nervous because it was her first kiss and I didn’t want to be a disappointment.  I haven’t heard anything from Phoebe about it yet which means that she hasn’t had the time to read this blog… I’m not sure how I feel about that. Part of me is kind of happy to not talk about this currently because its all new and I kind of want to figure it out on my own but then another part of me is upset that she’s not keeping but with my blog (jerk) and kind of wants someone to talk to. I guess if she hasn’t said anything by the end of the week I’ll just tell her about The Girl.

One of the places that The Girl and I have gone is to a meeting at the LGBTQ center. It’s called the L meeting and it’s pretty much like an AA meeting for lesbians. It’s strange but surprisingly beneficial. It’s nice to be somewhere where no one judges you or your preferences (I was a little worried since I identify as Pansexual and not Lesbian). It’s also nice to be open for once. That’s something that I’m really having to work on. The other night we went walking downtown and its was so nice to be able to hold her hand and walk among people and not worry that someone was going to berate us. I do still have to work on being out though. My sister asked me yesterday how I knew The Girl and I lied and said that we were friends that met at a volunteer thing. It was so second nature that I didn’t even think about it. I know that she wouldn’t judge me. I’m just so used to hiding that part of me. I’m working on it though. Hopefully The Girl will be patient with me. She’s still hiding that part of herself from her parents so I’m sure she understands where I’m coming from.

All in all this week has been busy with work, The Project, and The Girl. Which really is how I like it. I find that I’m happier when I’m busy. I’m still waiting on hearing from some jobs that I applied for. There’s one that I’m really hopeful for. It’s the one that I talked about last time. I’m just hoping that I hear from them soon. I’m ready for the next stage. I’m ready for the next challenge.



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