I realized after I wrote it that my last post about The Girl is almost the same thing that I wrote in the post about Phoebe hating me for not telling her in person… whoops…

I haven’t really posted in a while because not a lot has happened. I’ve basically just been working and applying for jobs I never hear back from and hanging out with The Girl. That changed today. Today my job asked me if I would be interested in a full time position. Now for a little background, I was full time before I moved out here, went down to part time and loved it because I wasn’t a huge fan of my job. I told them if the position became open though that I would take it. As much as I don’t really enjoy my job its much higher pay, benefits, and will allow me to start looking for my own place. It’ll also give me a little extra money to spoil The Girl with and help with promoting The Project. So really all in all its a win win. The only downside is that the decision to leave may be harder to make if the time ever comes because of the pay raise.

I’m still waiting to hear back from a few different places that I applied but the lack of responses has made me think that staying with my current job until The Project gets going may be the smartest idea. Even if I don’t like it all that much.

Nothing more than that has really happened. I’ve been hanging out with The Girl every night for a while now and I keep expecting it to feel like too much or to feel like we’re annoying each other but so far it just feels right. Like I end up waiting the whole day just to see her and curl up and watch movies or tv shows. It’s so strange and so great all at once. We haven’t really labeled us or anything… I told her that we would move at her pace and I am perfectly comfortable with that. But to be 100% honest, I’d really like to be able to call her mine. It’s been a very long time since I’ve felt close to that. I don’t mean that in the whole fairy tale, passionate, love at first sight stuff. I’m pretty sure that doesn’t exist. What I mean is comfort. I’m comfortable with her, with us, and for once in my life I’m comfortable with myself when I’m around her, which has never happened. And in the end I think that is much more important then love at first sight.



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